Hadler & Partner Rechtsanwälte, P.O. Box 41604, Abu Dhabi, is a foreign branch according to Art. 314-316 of UAE Federal Law No. 8 of 1984 of the partnership Hadler & Partner Rechtsanwälte, Heidberg 19, D-22301 Hamburg, a partnership according to the German Partnership of Professionals Act (PartGG) and duly registered in the partnership of professionals register under no. PR 323.

The attorneys-at-law admitted to the German bar are members of the bar association in Hamburg and Nuremburg respectively. The contact details of the concerned bar associations can be found under www.rechtsanwaltskammer.de. The regulatory framework for attorneys-at-law admitted to the German bar can be found under http://www.brak.de/seiten/06.php.